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See a drastic reduction in harvesting costs

Mantor® is the first completely flat system that automates the laying of tarpaulins under trees to harvest fruit and then stores it in a container until it is moved into a larger tank (trailer).

The system was fully conceived and designed in Spain, and holds several domestic and European patents. It was initially designed to mechanise the harvesting of olives, nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts, acorns, etc.) and cherries.

Our machines operate in Andalusia, Castille-La Mancha, Extremadura, Aragon and Catalonia, and in many cases have reduced costs by 90% compared to those of the previous season.

Today we can categorically state that olives CAN BE HARVESTED from the canopy for €0.01.

Technical description

  • The Mantor® has two main components: The Hopper and the Umbrella.
  • The Hopper temporarily stores the harvested fruit until it is later emptied into a trailer or tarpaulin, with a capacity of up to 400 kg (approx.) of clean olives. The Hopper is universal, so that the same container can be attached to any umbrella model.
  • The Umbrella is the element that lays out the canopies (tarpaulins, cloths, etc.) under the olive tree to collect the fruit that will be forcefully detached (by hand, hand-pole beating, shaking, etc.). Its full hydraulic operation from the tractor cab makes it very easy to use, versatile and functional.
  • Using the loader's lift and dump movements, the umbrella is unfolded under the tree until it is fully extended, after which fruit harvesting can begin. The steps are reversed to remove the umbrella from around the tree.
  • It is very quick and easy to hitch and unhitch our system to and from the loader, and it generally takes under a minute.
  • In normal conditions, the full cycle (starting to harvest one tree until starting on the next tree) takes less than 75 seconds, including the temporary storage of the fruit in the hopper but not including the time taken to strip the tree.
  • The Mantor® can be mounted on any tractor loader (backhoe, agricultural tractor, loader, telescopic handler, etc.).
  • To do so, the shovel must be unhitched and our system hitched onto the loader, either using the quick hitch system, pins, or the appropriate method in each case.
  • Our system is fully hydraulic and uses the power supplied by the tractor: There is no need to connect a new hydraulic circuit: a flow rate of 10 l/min and pressure of 170 kg/cm2 is more than sufficient to operate our machine.
  • No special modifications to the tractor are required; it is only occasionally necessary to change the loader dump cylinders.
  • Our machines come installed and ready for operation; our distribution network handles start-up.
  • The Mantor® system is powered from the tractor using two hydraulic lines connected to one of the vehicle's free distributors, and it is manipulated by a joystick located above the distributor lever.



Umbrella diameter: 10 metres
Gap for trunks: 2 x 1,5 (metres)


Umbrella diameter: 9 metres
Gap for trunks: 2 x 1,5 (metres)


Umbrella diameter: 8 metres
Gap for trunks: 1 x 0,9 (metres)


Umbrella diameter: 6 metres
Gap for trunks: 1 x 0,9 (metres)


Umbrella diameter: 5 metres
Gap for trunks: 1 x 0,9 (metres)


Umbrella diameter: 4 metres
Gap for trunks: 1 x 0,9 (metres)

Nº 04380037.4